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Knitting tutorial | How to cast on 

You will find in my website a short guide to learn knitting. The first step is casting on. You can use circular knitting needles or double pointed knitting needles depending of the type of project you want to do. It is important to use the right size of needles for your yarn.

First step: The slip knot


Before casting on you have to make the starting slip knot.  Form a loop with the yarn, the end of the yarn must be bellow: 

Insert needle in the loop to get the yarn from the ball and bring it back through the loop: 

Tighten to bring the knot near the needle (but not too much) : 

Cast on ! 


Once you have made you slip knot, is the time to cast on. To begin casting on, first insert the right needle into the loop of the left needle.

Right needle should be under the left needle:

Yarn over (bringing the yarn forward between both needles):

With the right needle, pull up yarn through the loop:  

Drag the loop on the right needle to the left needle:

Now you have cast on 2 stitches:

Continue in the same way, inserting the right needle into the last completed stitch on the left needle until you reach the desired number of stitches. 

If you want to knit in the round (to make a cowl by example), learn how to join or continue with the knit stitch tutorial:

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