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How to make knit single crochet stitch

Knit single crochet (ksc) is is worked like a standard single crochet except only one difference : the crochet hook is not inserted at the same place.

For knit single crochet you have to insert the hook on the  « V »  of the stitch as shown on the picture: 

DSC_8940 - Copie.JPG

There is an example:

For this tutorial I worked in round so always of the right side of work but is also possible to make knit single crochet while working in row.  
Insert hook in the « V » of stitch. 


Yarn over and pull up a loop through the stitch.  Lightly extend the loop on the hook because the knit single crochet must be worked loosely . 


Yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook to complete the single crochet. 


This picture show you the wrong side of work while you insert the hook in the  « V ».  If you want to turn and work in row, with the wrong side of work facing you, you have to insert the hook in the "V" like indicated by the red dots: 

DSC_8958 - Copie.JPG

ou can also watch this video that shows how to work a knit single crochet (French only): 

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